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Where Can I Get Crawfish

Where Can I Get Crawfish

Who doesn't know Where Can I Get Crawfish? Animals that reside in waters, especially rivers, sea, or lakes which may have unique tastes and will be processed into various kinds of food. Shrimp are available in almost all the large “puddles” of water both water, brackish water and salt water at various depths, from near the surface to a few thousand meters below the surface.

Like other seafood, shrimp are full of calcium and protein but lacking in energy. Foods whose main ingredients our shrimped are sources of cholesterol. In addition, the shrimp undergo perfect metamorphosis.

Several kinds of food shrimp have been cultivated in ponds, such as giant prawns, tiger shrimp and vaname shrimp. Other consumption shrimp remain captured completely from nature. Shrimp will also be cultivated as pets in aquariums. Some popular kinds of ornamental shrimp include:

1. Sulawesi Shrimp Endemic species from the lake in Sulawesi. There are 12 Sulawesi-famous shrimp species on the planet, including: Celebs's / Harlequin, Caridina Tigris, Orchid, Red Line, White Spot, Yellow Cheek, Yellow Nose.

2. Cherry shrimp (heteropod Neocaridina) There are several kinds of Cherry shrimp according to colors: Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow (Golden). Grade which has a thicker color always starts off with the word 'Super', for example Super Red Cherry shrimp, of course the price is pricey.

3. Bee shrimp (Caridina cantonensis Sp.) Bee shrimp certainly be a small freshwater shrimp species originating from the river in southern China, developing a life span around 1 . 5 years. Crystal / Bee can be a species of ornamental shrimp that is relatively quite expensive, ranging from countless amounts to tens of thousands per head. There are several well-known varieties, namely Red Bee shrimp, Black Bee shrimp, White Bee shrimp, and Golden Bee shrimp. At a hot and cold levels of 22 degrees Celsius, the hatching time is 28 days. Bee shrimp will develop its best color when it is with a temperature of around 24-25 degrees Celsius.

The nutrient content of shrimp in addition to being a resource of vitamins, also as a resource of minerals and also a resource of protein. Because shrimp contain high amino acids and so are lacking in calories.

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